Human Resource Consulting

  • Providing professional HR advice
  • Onboarding and offboarding C-Level executives
  • Complying with country employment contracts
  • Devising Standard Operating Procedures, business protocols, and policies
  • Monitoring and evaluating the organization’s overall performance including those of employees and departments
  • Deploying specialized experts to their respective managing positions
  • Headhunting C-level management in various fields including the corporate, consultancy, health, medical, hospitality sectors, and more, to head different departments in various regions
  • Re-building a company’s organizational structure and managing cost control
Human Resource Consulting


Customer-first approach

We value our customers and their trust. We repay them through investing our time and effort in paving firms’ success and putting them at the forefront of our operations through efficient teamwork.

Round-the-clock consulting

Something our customers highly appreciate. RWC is truly distinguished and known to remain at its partners’ disposal to enable and support them in reaching their goals.

Flexible & efficient work ethic

We take pride in our strong ethics. Transparency is key; we keep our partners included and on top of every step of the process. We listen carefully to their needs, brainstorm, and guide them toward the optimal path to success.

Senior level of expertise

We are proud of every member of RWC. Our team consists of top-notch and professional consultants and stakeholders with decades of expertise in diverse industries and markets.

Loyalty and dedication to our partnerships

Our integrity and commitment to every partner are unquestionable. We seek to establish a solid foundation for a strong future through a wide range of consultancy services that drive your business uphill as if it is our own.

Our Core Values

Work ethics

is what drives the company forward, keeping it determined, dedicated, and focused on its vision.


is the key for a good reputation and the essence of our work, communication and success.

Credibility of our work

is what we ensure to build, strengthen and sustain our clients’ trust


is embedded in our name and acts as our most valuable asset.


is the foundation of a good customer relation as we seek to infuse our actions with honesty and respect towards clients and colleagues.