“What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


At Real World Consultancy, we started small, tackled one thing at a time and took a step further every day. Our operations began taking shape on a single laptop screen until the team grew bigger and the company was officially established in June 2018.
Ever since, RWC took part in the contemporary phase of the history of consulting and has been successfully leaving a print as one of the best consultancy firms. RWC constantly and closely followed the trends both in management theory and technology. At RWC, a “consultant” is not just a fancy title, but a professional who makes a difference in the way a company can grow, succeed, and address its challenges.
Backed by a strong professional network of renowned and hand-picked directors and managers with extensive experience in consultancy, RWC thrives on the belief that any project, big or small “must be delivered with high standards and exceptional dedication.”
RWC’s journey continues to extend and expand as we offer a high level of expertise to various businesses in different sectors across the GCC countries.


At RWC, we believe that the road to success is a work in progress. Our mission is to help you customize, develop, and implement the most convenient, professional, cost-effective management solutions based on specific needs and requirements while exceeding, rather than just meeting expectations.


We aim to create a new era of business revolution with the ambition to help firms and C-Level executives prosper since we place our stakeholders at the heart of our business.
We want to help customers achieve their business objectives by providing pioneering, best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services.

Our Team

Our success is the result of a team of high profile and top notch professionals tirelessly using their distinctive capabilities and broad experience to deliver excellence and savvy solutions in every project.

We meticulously work hand in hand with confidence to build a better future for our firm through trustworthy and sustained partnerships.

We aim to put our skills and expertise at the service of our clients not only by planning and strategizing, but also by mentoring and coaching your top stakeholders toward a more efficient workflow.

Our team of professionals specializes and excels in Human Resources holding a strong background in career counseling, recruitment, etc. to meet every business’ requirement and standard.

Our business consultants not only develop detailed business plans, but also conduct market feasibility studies, and work closely with the managing team to improve and maximize overall performance.

Real World Consultancy prides itself in working with renowned experts who have led various successful projects in Lebanon, GCC, Africa, Europe, and the U.S, thanks to their distinctive educational backgrounds in Banking, Finance, Business Administration, Law, Engineering, Audit and Compliance, as well as acquired certifications from international organizations, under different entrepreneurship and leadership topics.

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